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adrienneAdrienne spent her childhood people-watching. Her ambition was to be a seanachai, a traditional storyteller, but the nuns assured her that ‘No one will ever pay you to tell stories.’


Adrienne graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 1981 as an English and History teacher, ready to get into classrooms and tell the stories that pay the bills. Fourteen years, a husband and three sons later, she began to write. In August 2005 her first novel, TOPPLING MISS APRIL was published by Transita followed by THE JIGSAW MAKER, one of Easons Ireland’s ‘Books of the Month’, and then by SOFT VOICES WHISPERING. With the publication of her books came radio interviews, TV appearances and requests to give talks so she did – and discovered that the nuns were wrong.

She is now an established after-dinner speaker/raconteur. Some of the talks are delivered in verse as it affords her the opportunity to say things that might raise an eyebrow in prose.

Adrienne still lives and works in Surrey but travels around the UK and Ireland speaking, work-shopping and storytelling. She is a regular tutor and judge at the Winchester Writers Conference and also judges the adult entries for the Elmbridge Literary Festival. In 2013, she has delivered workshops at Conferences, Libraries and Seminaries and is a poetry judge for Paragram and the American Women of Surrey Writing Competition. On the quieter days she works on her novels and poetry.

And people-watches.

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Copies of Adrienne’s books can be purchased on-line from behindthehighstreet.co.uk/bookshelf/prose/