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The deadline for entries to the 2013 Poetry Prize is fast approaching and this is where it becomes so exciting for us here at Paragram. It is the beginning of the creative road towards a new publication as well as the starting point for planning our next reading event.

We hoped that the theme’…a certain slant of light…’ would prove challenging and inspiring and so it seems. Already I can imagine the fun we will have hearing poems from that prompt performed by their creators.

If you haven’t submitted your entry yet, then you have 37 days and counting to come up with your masterpiece. Remember the quote may be interpreted in any way that makes sense to you, the poet. We are looking forward to being surprised, astounded, moved, even flabbergasted by your writing.

To remind yourself of the full details of prizes as well as rules see here. Remember you can pay by cheque rather than PayPal if you prefer – just email paragrammers@gmail.co to organise this.

Keep those entries flooding in – a good day for me is one where my inbox is overflowing with Competition entries.

Good luck…