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Here it is. The PARAGRAM POETRY PRIZE long list hot from Adrienne Dines, the judge. She has generously made some great comments too, though this was not required at this stage.

Congratulations to all poets who have a title listed here. It means you have risen above the large field of entries, so very well done. I especially would like to congratulate the near-misses. You were so very close so you must take heart and write on…

The list appears in no particular order

LONG-LIST of titles for the Paragram Poetry Prize 2013

After Security, Departures –  Perfect title, very clever
Open for business – a metaphor for life, gentle, affectionate
Latent  – affectionate, unaffected. No spare words
The Last Dandelion  – wonderful movement, pacing perfect!
Thinking of manatees    – To be read with a G&T
Flat 3, Strensam Hill, Molesey – great use of driving enjambment
Sunlight, Eston Street  – Difficult subject perfectly captured.
Theo  – rhyme works as lullaby for a lost child
Sunset Serenade  – light, syneathesia in music and the movement
A Ditty   – absolutely lovely! No need to say any more
Mrs Pan  – what an accomplished piece. Shades of Duffy                   
The House   – sinister, weary voice perfectly captured
Evening at the Temple  – Lyrical, like a prayer, fits the theme
In a Moment  – great use of light as momentary illumination
The Hinged Window in the Slant Roof – wistful beautifully captured images
Front Line   – dark, graphic. Last line deserves a prize of its own
Darkness at my Heels – beautifully captures the serenity of late afternoon
Mirror Image  – slightly mocking tone. Second stanza  evocative
Meteor Shower – Rhyme flows with movement of meteor shower
The Grey Lady  – shades of Heaney! No artifice and great voice
Mother Moth  – child loosens mooring, mother cast adrift. Wonderful
Clarity  – resonated with anyone who tries to get away from it all.
A far better place, in the light – uses remit cleverly without overplaying. Holding uncertainty  – clear word choice, last two lines may need editing
Winter Light  – modern sonnet. Lines flow well, not forced
Spinsters – sinister, malevolent, clever use of  repetition to create pace
Soft Focus  – simple straightforward, tongue in (unlined) cheeks
Reflection– in a Gilded Mirror – poignant.
Dreams of Reconciliation– captures that fleeting waking moment
For my Brother – avoids being maudlin with great images.
Goodnight Day – affectionate voice, alliteration, good assonance
Ropes of Maui – needs reading a few times to fully appreciate. Clever
What Darkness Can Do – rhyming couplets work here for childhood memory
Triple Perfection – evocative. Captures a fleeting moment perfectly
Fernsehen– clever juxtapositions
A Light as from afar – reverence in simplicity complements the theme
Elementary – sense of honest emotion, simply expressed
Dappled – Simple but profound and brevity works.
Evensong – short and to the point. Joyful, perfect!
Sunlight  – images are spot on
Dark Alignment – very clever imagery. Beautifully crafted  poem

Poems which so nearly made the cut are listed below. When asked to pick just 40 poems for the long list, it is inevitable that there will be some that come very close but in the end have to be left behind. We felt it would be encouraging to mention these too by way of encouragement to all entrants…
The near misses were
Hobgoblin Trees
The Tale of Adam and Marian
Assumptions – really battled with this one but had to choose 40
The Light at the Top of the World – fab fab fab opening verse.
Standing Still – a wonderful performance piece but not on topic.
Mannerisms on the short arm of Chromosome 3 – not in line with theme
Rest Awhile Winter – lovely but a few clichéd images need to be edited
Colourless – just pipped at the post.  Liked this one
On the Shore – beautiful when read aloud but a bit obscure
Oblique – again, hard to get at what the poet wanted us to take away         Moving On – Nice but didn’t quite reach the aaaah moment for me
Dark words – well written but seemed that she was excusing the so and so
Indigo – wasn’t quite sure what the last verse meant though loved the rest

Well done everyone who has a poem here and also to everyone who entered a poem. Remember judges are people first and foremost and like all people bring their own preferences to the table with whatever task they undertake. Your poem may be brilliant, but not quite right for this competition on this particular day. Don’t be disheartened. Keep watching Paragram for the next opportunity to submit…the next time you enter maybe the time you win!

We will bring you the short list just as soon as we have it. Good luck to all long-listed poets