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Great news – we could fit them all in – the winning poems from the Paragram Poetry Prize, those that were shortlisted and the longlisted ones have been published in a beautiful volume called, appropriately Slants of Light. Amazingly we have sold the great majority of the first print run of books and will soon be in the realms of re-print – almost unheard of these days! This lovely book, at the special pre-pub price if you are quick, is available from  http://behindthehighstreet.co.uk/product/slants-light/

We were able to include a brilliant article by Adrienne, our judge, about the judging process and her incredibly detailed adjudication notes. That is a brilliant bonus which contains great advice for would-be competition entrants about ways to make your poem shine out to the judge.

A great thank you must go to all the poets who entered the competition – without you where would we be? Why not buy the book and see from Adrienne’s article how close so many of you were and, as she plainly says, how many excellent poems just could not be put through because of the numbers game. Take heart and keep submitting is her resounding cry and we at Paragram echo that. To quote a cliché – you can’t win it unless you’re in it.

Despite many read-throughs by various sets of eyes and a great edit by our resident free-lance editor, inevitably a couple of tiny errors have slipped through. Audrey, despite your name being printed correctly throughout the volume, it appears incorrectly in the contents – humble apologies. This will be corrected for the re-print. Also apologies to Claire Dyer…I believe the place name in one of your titles has been mis-spelt. This too has now been corrected.

Keep watching the this site for details of the official ‘launch’ and reading event which is coming up early in 2014 and for news about our project for the new year…