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We have a 2014 Anthology… After reading, re reading, bottles of wine, gin and tonic, lots of chocolate, the editorial team has agreed upon the final 110 pieces that make up the anthology, REMEMBER. For those of you who were disappointed this time, do please keep trying. A couple of tips from our editors when you submit to Paragram or any other publication or competition

  • always give your piece a title
  • read and abide by all the rules with particular attention to line/ word count
  • don’t expect an editor to break the rules for any author, they just won’t!

Congratulations to all whose writing has been included.

Successful Authors

Kim Alexander    Remembering
Audrey Ardern-Jones    Are you There?
Audrey Ardern-Jones    Aunt Joyce
Allen Ashley    Where do they Go?
Allen Ashley    My Father Said to Me
Dan Austin    Moon Man
Dan Austin    Defining Moments
Colin Beardshall    Lest We Remember
T J Benson    The Love of You
Vincent Berquez    A Product Remembered
Jane Bhandari    Remembrance Day
Helena Boland    Summer’s Rain
Miki Byrne    Tin Bath
Miki Byrne    The Visit
Ian Colville    A cliché on the tennis court
Ian Colville    Exile on Main Street
Clark Cook   Learning to Hear
Bryan Darby    The Dress
Stephen Downes    Return to Tara
Stephen Downes    Remember
Rose Drew    Charity
Rose Drew    First memories, with briefcase.
Wayne Edwards    Dark
Wilson F Engel    Art of Memory
Wilson F Engel    Remembrance Day
Ray Evans    Jars
Ray Evans    Braille for Beginners
Andy Flatt    Photographic Memory
Greg Freeman    Strawberries
Greg Freeman    A Hill of Beans
Greg Freeman    The Eleven Plus
Caroline Gill    Starvation Point, Isle of Ulva
Raamesh Gowri Raghavan    Kosovo Polje
Raamesh Gowri Raghavan    Grandfather’s Chrome Pendulum
Raamesh Gowri Raghavan    Memoir Noir
Marilyn Hammick    35 Barcombe Road
Marilyn Hammick    She Made Me
Lynn-Marie Harper    Remembrance
Pamela Herron    Harley “Hog” Hill
Ruth Hill    Endless Search
Val Horner    Taken
Val Horner    Out of Touch
Jonathan Humble    At the End
Jonathan Humble    In Retrospect
Sterling Jacobs    Starry Starry Dream
Jason Kalkanis    People Still Bleed on Olympus
Helen Kay    Dickens Lane
John Keane    Revisited
Courtney Kowalke    Youth Without Youth
Smita Vyas Kumar    As You Like It
John Lambremont    Regrets
Frieda W Landau    Kol Nidre
Anne Lawrence    The Sea
Nina Lewis    Picasso of Dance
Gillian Malster    Hurtling through Darkness
Gillian Malster    Viewing Room
Connie McChesney    Remembrance Sunday
Connie McChesney    The House we Called Home
Nicholas McKay    Observers
Bridget McLaughlin    Cognizance
Joan McNerney    Noontime
Joan McNerney    That Evening
Heidi Morrell    On a Dying Breath
Tom O’Brien    Remember
Carolyn O’Connell    Erosion
Salawu Olajide    Strangers Meet
Amy Pacini    Keepsake Memories
Yvette Persaud    The View
Gordon Peters    Adelstropped
Suneeti Phadke    Soulmates
Sandy Phillips    A Night to Remember
Alberto Quero    Remnants
Cristina Ramirez    Piano at a Diner
Bonnie Roberts    Clues That Melted with the Grass
Bonnie Roberts    My Sister and I Lay on Our Backs to Pretend We Were
Falling, Weightless
Polly Robinson    Brown and Blue
Polly Robinson    What Mum Said
Timothy L Rodriguez    In Triumph
Susan Rouchard    My Father in my Bones
Shloka Shankar    Dog Days
Aileen Shirra    Déjà Vu
Linda Simone    To the Hag Outside the Duomo in Florence
Ranjan Singh    Happenstance
Matthew Sisson    Judas Remembers
Matthew Sisson    There are Showerheads
Apryl Skies    Memory of Water
Nada Adel Sobhi    Remember
Elaine Speakman    When you Showed Me
Chris Spencer    Footprints in the Sand
Maureen Sudlow    Gathering
Bejamin Swanton    Flowers by the Lampost
Peter Taylor    Silhouette
Paresh Tiwari    Birthplace
Joanna Tulloch    Dima
Joanna Tulloch    Memory Foam
Marion Turner    O Mio Babbino Caro – Remembering Dad
Gabby Tyrrell    Friends
Vivienne Vermes    Ariadne and Dionysos
Vivienne Vermes    The Gift
Vivienne Vermes    Out of Sight of Land
Chris Waring    One Veil
Juli Watson    Flowers for Annie
David Webb    Something
Kris Weldon    Downfall
Michael Whelan    Distant Whisper
Michael Whelan    The Place She Will Not Walk
Rodney Wood    Mother of the Disappearance
Rodney Wood    Winter Eyes and Gavotte
Tahminah Zaman    Know Me