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Remember 6At last, all changes requested have been accommodated where possible even when they were edits rather than errors (to be the subject of a blog at a later date) and the print files have approval. The book now exists and is officially published.

As we now have a definitive weight and size postal and packaging charges have been calculated as follows:

UK addresses – 1 copy £1.20; 2 copies £1.50; 3 copies £2.50; 4 copies £3.00

Eu  addresses – 1 copy £3.50; 2 copies £5.00; 3 copies £6.50; 4 copies £7.50

Rest of the World addresses – 1 copy £4.50; 2 copies £7; 3 copies £11; 4 copies £12

For those of you who have been waiting so long to pay for your copies ordered at the pre-publication price of £8 per volume this is the green light for payment.

Please pay using PayPal for the number of copies you have ordered PLUS the postage and packing cost from the table above to paragrammers@gmail.com

You do not need a PayPal account of your own to do this and the payment is safe and protected by PayPal policies. Just go to the PayPal website – http://www.PayPal.com – and enter the email address for Paragram and the amount you have to pay for your purchases.

As soon as I am notified by PayPal that payment has been made I will instruct the printers (Four Point Printing Ltd) to send the books direct to you.

We hope you are as pleased with the volume as we are and our thanks go to you all for your support for the Paragram initiative.