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Paragram continues to offer writers a wide range of publication ventures. Returning the focus to poetry this year, the all new Chapbook Challenge offers two amazing opportunities. The first is for one talented poet to realise an ambition to publish their short collection. The second will see over 40 poets published in Paragram Spotlights, the 2015 anthology.

Paragram will add to the short collection prize by giving the winning poet 20 copies of their collection to distribute and start them on the road to success.

Their collection will be published as a perfect-bound slim volume, complete with ISBN, which means it is a registered monograph available for order and purchase from any bookseller (including Amazon).

The poems for the anthology Paragram Spotlights will be discovered among the chapbook submissions. Every poem submitted will be eligible for publication in the 2015 anthology, Paragram Spotlights (also complete with ISBN and worldwide availability)

…and in addition

there will be a UK book launch event for both the chapbook and Paragram Spotlights in 2016 with readings from both volumes.

So what exactly is the Paragram Chapbook Challenge?

One talented and lucky poet will receive:

  • The publication of a full length poetry chapbook
  • Plus 20 copies for their personal distribution
  • A launch reading where their poetry will head the bill alongside readings chosen from the 2015 anthology, Paragram Spotlights.

In addition

A selection of individual poems from all submissions will be published in the Paragram anthology for 2015 entitled Paragram Spotlights.

The Paragram Chapbook Challenge is open to published and unpublished poets writing in English from anywhere in the world.

The closing date for submissions is midnight on 30th June 2015.



The Process

  • Paragram initially invites a submission of 5 poems
  • These 5 poems should be carefully chosen samples of the breadth and depth of the poet’s collection
  • From these a shortlist will be selected
  • Poets shortlisted for the Chapbook Challenge Prize will be asked to send further poems to complete their short collection (there should be no more than 20 pages of poetry when added to the 5 already submitted)
  • Poets selected for Paragram Spotlights will be contacted to advise of their success
  • Chapbook Challenge Prizewinner will be contacted personally and announced on the Paragram website Details of the publication of their chapbook will proceed
  • Paragram Spotlights poets will be asked to proofread their poems
  • Paragram Spotlights will be published in time for Christmas 2015
  • The Chapbook Challenge Prize volume will be published in 2016
  • The UK book launch in 2016 for both volumes will be arranged and invitations issued

Paragram began in 2011 and its one and only reason for being was to to offer publishing opportunities for new writers. To discover the unfolding story of Paragram go to our About Paragram page.