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…but is it flying towards us or away from us? Whatever you may decide one truth is that there are 13 days until the deadline for the Paragram Paradox Prize entries.

It may be that there is still time to investigate the grandfather time paradox or even the bootstrap time paradox, or it may be that your paradox is ready for final, final editing…either way the closing date approaches.

One thing that is certain is that there is time for you to pause and make absolutely sure that there is no lingering typo in your piece; that every word is the perfect word in the best possible place; that the punctuation, if there is any, is absolutely correct; that another pair of eyes can be found to proof read…it being impossible to proof read one’s own writing.

Another certainty is that time remains for a final check on the competition rules of entry…in the body of an email with payment in sterling via PayPal being two of the most important. Complete entry requirements can be checked here.

And so, the countdown to midnight, 31st July begins…