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We have compiled a list of seven reminders to guide you through the last days before the Paragram Paradox Prize deadline.

We hope these pointers will help your entry to  rise to the top of the judge, Claire Dyer‘s, pile of submissions.

Most of these are common sense and most of you will know them already, however sometimes a checklist can be helpful…so, number seven on the list…

Another pair of eyes
Just in  case you have made a last minute change…maybe just found the perfect word, or perhaps altered punctuation slightly, print off a hard copy and give it someone else to check.

How dreadful would it be to have finally made your piece perfect only to have left an undiscovered typo in the piece or a stray comma or a double space…all of these mistakes, however minor, can make the difference between being a prize winner or not quite making the short list.

So, go on, print it off and find someone – preferably a perfectionist – to read it for you – or even to you – thoroughly, word by beautiful word. Poetry especially can benefit from being read aloud to make sure that there are enough pointers in layout and punctuation to enable the reader to find exactly the right inflection to allow it to reach the readers’ understanding the way you, the writers, intend.