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Four more days until the 31st July deadline for the Paragram Paradox Prize and as promised we have another tip for you.

So far we have reminded you to re-read the rules, examine your title to make sure it is the best you can think of and to have any last minute changes to your writing proof read by someone other than yourself.

Today’s tip follows on directly from the proof reading by fresh eyes tip and it is to remind you to copy and paste!

We have requested your entries in the body of an email. The main reason for this is that we will be sending them on to Claire Dyer, our independent judge, and attachments do not travel well from computer to computer to computer. Attached files are also an easy way for viruses to pass from one machine to another. We want to minimise the handling of data so that your work reaches Claire exactly as it left your computer with no accompanying nasties.

This means that we have requested your entries in the body of an email and you do not want to be typing them out because of the risk of typing errors – hence our advice to copy and paste them from the file into the email.

Here at Paragram copy and paste is one of the greatest tools in our toolbox ensuring as it does that poems and short prose in our anthologies appear exactly as planned by you, our authors.

Make copy and paste one of your best friends too as you prepare the email to paragrammers@gmail.com containing your entry.