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Just two more days until the 31st July midnight deadline for entries to the Paragram Paradox Prize for serious or humorous poetry or short prose and time for the next item in our checklist of practicalities.

It is too late for us to offer any ideas for content…though it may not beyond the bounds of possibility that a writer could imagine, write, edit and proofread a poem or 300 or so words of prose and get it to competition readiness in a couple of days.

More realistically we are offering practical tips to make sure there are no glitches with your entry.

We have already talked about asking for your entry to be in the body of an email, but you may remember from the rules that there were instructions about the presentation of the email itself.

We have not just dreamed these rules up to make your life difficult, rather the instructions are there to ensure that you have a trouble free submission experience.

Email Reminder

  • Entries should be sent by email to paragrammers@gmail.com in the body of an email with Paragram Paradox Prize in the subject line.

At Paragram we receive many emails every day – in common with most of you I am sure. We need to be able to pick out entries at a glance at the inbox so that no-one’s entry is ignored. For this reason we ask you to put Paragram Paradox Prize in the subject line so that we can identify the entry easily.

  • The email must include: the genre beside the title; writer’s full name and postal address; Paypal transaction number for the entry fee

We ask for the genre so that your entries can be sorted into the correct category before they reach Claire Dyer, our judge. This will help her to compare like with like and save her the sorting job…hopefully the easier we can make the judging experience the happier she will be and a happy judge…well fill in the gaps yourself – it takes little imagination!

We ask for your postal details so that we can send you the finished anthologies without the need for emails back and forth with the inherent danger of mistakes, mix-ups and lost time.

We ask for the PayPal transaction number as a double check for payment just in case emails go astray between us and PayPal or as an administrative double check here in the Paragram office.

So remember, set out the information as we ask and there is no danger that your entry will go astray.