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long list

Claire Dyer has now chosen her long list from the entries to the Paradox Paragram Prize.

In her comments when making her judgements Claire says:
‘Judging this competition has proved both challenging and inspiring. I have learnt lots! I have also greatly enjoyed witnessing the many and varied interpretations of the theme, been impressed with the skill and courage of the entrants, as well as their intelligence, compassion and generosity of spirit.’

All Long List pieces will be included in this year’s Paragram anthology, due to be published by the end of 2016 by Paragram Press. The Short List and subsequent winners in each category will be chosen and the details posted on this site as soon as they become available.

Humour Ian Colville Parable
Humour Ayelet McKenzie Clean Windows
Humour Michael Weightman Black and White
Humour Vivienne Vermes Love Affair Between People of Literary Bent
Humour Aileen Shirra Mongrels
Humour Angela Higson A Social Occasion
Humour Angela Higson Remembering Innocence
Humour Carolyn O’Connell Postings from Mozart
Humour Audrey Ardern Jones Track Record
Humour Jack Houston My Wife and God
Poetry Ruth Hill Beziers
Poetry Jules Webster Monday Wash
Poetry Vivienne Vermes Dry Stonewalls
Poetry Lynne Taylor Identity Crisis
Poetry Polly Stretton Bittersweet
Poetry K.D. Rose The Physics of Ex
Poetry Alwyn Marriage Conversation with Magic Stones
Poetry Amanda Oosthuizen A Stone for Seeing
Poetry Jessica Mookherjee The Crone
Poetry Jessica Mookherjee Beast
Poetry Hilary Hares Reversal
Poetry Tobi Cogswell Wrong Turn Ronnie
Poetry Marjon van Bruggen Negative Distance
Poetry Joanna Tulloch The Poem that Couldn’t be Written
Poetry Mary Ewing Contraindicative
Poetry Jack Houston Leon’s Last Act
Poetry Smita Vyas Kumar Rear View Forecast
Petite-prose Vivienne Vermes Fata Morgana
Petite-prose Vivienne Vermes A Good Book
Petite-prose Aileen Shirra Happenstance
Petite-prose Amanda Oosthuizen Girl who Climbed

We are considering including a Paragram Picks section in the Paradox anthology as the Paragram team of independent readers has been delighted by other pieces of writing which may not appear in┬áthe list above. Watch this blog to see whether your piece is picked by one of our readers…