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The Paragram Paradox Prize short list is now ready. It is incredibly hard for a judge to discard an item once a long list has been drawn up as those were the pieces of writing which really stood out from the many that were entered.

However, it is the lot of said judge to continue to pare and prune towards a winner. Claire Dyer has done a fantastic job with this and has generously commented in her judgements…

‘…gosh, how wide the interpretation of the theme has been! Religion, sex, love, philosophy, science, loneliness, sport, literature,window cleaners, dogs, art, war are just some of the topics brought under the paradox microscope by the wonderful people who entered this year’s competition.
The pieces that stood out for me were those which had a clever idea at their base, which were economical with language, used concrete details rather than dealing with massive abstracts, observed the technicalities of layout, exhibited signs of poetic craftsmanship, kept control of their material and had a confidence and swagger which I found appealing…’

The short list is:

Humour Ian Colville Parable
Humour Jack Houston My Wife and God
Humour Angela Higson A Social Occasion
Humour Michael Weightman Black and White
Petite Prose Aileen Shirra Happenstance
Petite Prose Amanda Oosthuizen Girl who Climbed
Petite Prose Vivienne Vermes Fata Morgana
Petite Prose Vivienne Vermes A Good Book
Poetry Alwyn Marriage Conversation with Magic Stones
Poetry Amanda Oosthuizen A Stone for Seeing
Poetry Hilary Hares Reversal
Poetry Jessica Mookherjee The Crone
Poetry Jessica Mookherjee Beast
Poetry Jack Houston Leon’s Last Act
Poetry Lynne Taylor Identity Crisis
Poetry Marjon van Bruggen Negative Distance
Poetry Blair Ewing Contraindicative
Poetry Tobi Cogswell Wrong Turn Ronnie
Poetry Smita Vyas Kumar Rear View Forecast

Very well done to those of you who are on this list and commiserations to those who may have missed out this time. Remember that you will all be represented in the anthology and so are winners already.

To those who are on this list…we will announce winners as soon as we can so hopefully you will not have to suffer too many sleepless nights of anticipation!

As usual the winners will be announced on this blog so make sure you check it out now and again.