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HERE is the news many of you have been waiting for…the winners of the Paragram Paradox Prize as judged by romantic novelist and poet Claire Dyer are:

Humour – Ian Colville: Parable
Claire says, ‘…its premise is clever, it pokes fun at humans without malice…Great stuff!

Petite Prose – Vivienne Vermes: A Good Book
Claire says, ‘A book which has never been read is one of the ultimate paradoxes… beautifully written, the execution and subject matched seamlessly…I loved it!’

 Poetry – Jessica Mookherjee: Beast
Claire says, ‘…This poem did that marvellous thing of wrong footing me each time I read it. I thought it was stunning!’

Claire has asked that we award a special commendation to Jack Houston for his poem ‘Leon’s Last Act’ as she found it almost impossible to choose between this and the winner of that genre.

Congratulations to all the prize winners in this year’s Paragram challenge. We will be contacting each of you personally so look out for our email.


Massive thanks from all of us at Paragram go to the lovely Claire Dyer for acting as our judge in this year’s competition. Not only has she managed to choose three outstanding winners and a special commendation but also has provided insightful notes for the anthology.

Claire - Jan 2016 (2)


Paragram Picks
The Paragram team of independent readers is still deliberating over the Paragram Picks to be published as a separate section of this year’s anthology.

We are including these extra pieces because, as Claire has mentioned in her notes which will be revealed in full in the book, ‘…as ever when judging I have relied on my personal tastes, practice and experiences to lead me to these decisions. Another judge on another day would probably have chosen very differently…’

A full list of everyone whose writing will be published in the Paragram anthology ‘Paradox’ will appear on this blog very soon…